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Cucumbertown to WordPress migration

Cucumbertown is shutting shop, and this move will hit thousands of food bloggers, from India and across the world. Sources say that it’s the parent company Cookpad pulling the plug on the popular service. As per the official announcement “Cucumbertown as a platform will be discontinuing its services and will be fully retired by March 31st, 2017.”

Here are the timelines:

  1. Monetization will be stopped, as of the end of December 31,2016
  2. Technical support will be stopped, as of the end of March 31, 2017

Are you a food blogger who is affected by the abrupt shutting down of blog hosting platform Cucumbertown ? Then you have the option of migrating Cucumbertown blog to WordPress.

Cucumbertown do not support migrations to other platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr, Squarespace etc.

If you’re planning to move to WordPress, then there are two ways you can do this:

  1. Move your blogs to a self hosted wordpress website (where you manage the domain, hosting and your content)
  2. Move your blogs to a hosted wordpress blog on

If you choose the self hosted option, you will be able to retain elements of your Cucumbertown blog, such as the Recipe Index, ratings, multiple recipes and some custom pages too. If you choose the other option you do not get these benefits.

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